Trump Transition Team Requests NY Yankees Provide Names Of Players Responsible For Losing To Dodgers

Trump Transition Team Requests NY Yankees Provide Names Of Players Responsible For Losing To Dodgers


In a memo leaked earlier this week, the Trump presidential transition team has requested that the New York Yankees organization provide a list of names of “players who were responsible for participating in a loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers sometime during the summer of 2016.”

A copy of the memo which was released by Wikileaks spelled out the request but did not provide any information as to who specifically in the Trump team wanted the information, or for what purpose.

A source who works at Yankee stadium and spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press said “I am the security guy who works outside the Trump suite at Yankee stadium at every game. I don’t know but it seemed like Mr. Trump was especially unhappy after that loss. He had some people with him from LA that were giving him a hard time about the Yankees being losers, and it didn’t sit well with him.”

Sportswriter Tom Adderson believes the Yankees will ask for clarification of the request. “What does ‘participate’ mean? Are there other people in the organization who share responsibility, like the team equipment manager? The employees who set up the buffet for the team? There are a lot of people who work on any given day at a big operation like Yankee stadium that could conceivably have had an impact on the game.”

Kitchen worker Rosalie Carriminocci was distressed by the news. “My husband got laid off back when they closed the Meadowlands back in ’09, so this job is keeping us afloat right now. We do our best in the kitchen to provide the players with fresh, quality meal choices – but one of them did complain about indigestion this past summer, so I am definitely concerned. Who knows who will be on that list?”

Although they have not received a similar request from the Trump transition team, the New York Knicks have decided to proactively fire 25 ushers, effective immediately.
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