Man Drains Swamp On Farm Property, Finds Accountant Who Prepared His Taxes

Man Drains Swamp On Farm Property, Finds Accountant Who Prepared His Taxes


A man in Reminiscence, Arkansas, discovered something unusual this week as he was in the process of draining a swamp on his property: the accountant who had prepared his taxes from 2009-2011.

“It had been about a week since I’d driven out to check on the progress of the pumps, so I thought I’d go see if the job was almost done. And as I got closer I noticed a body laying next to a computer monitor in the area that had recently been pumped out” said farm owner Hal Bumford. “I thought to myself, that kind of looks like Ron. And as I got closer, sure enough, it was.”

Mr. Bumford, who owns 5 farms that stretch across the southern part of Kitcheesom County, had recently decided to drain a swamp on the farm closest to his house. “I was draining a piece of land to plant barley which has become a hot commodity with all the craft brewing going on.”

After obtaining the necessary permits and drawing up a drainage plan, the pumping began. But to Mr. Bumford’s surprise, it wasn’t just water and mud that turned up at the bottom. “After the banking crisis, I had made some financial decisions that were, let’s just say, questionable. And one of those was reclassifying some assets in order to avoid paying taxes for a few years. My previous accountant, Rich Mercer, said he didn’t feel comfortable with some of my ideas and asked me to find someone else to do the paperwork, and he recommended Ron.”

Ron Petrault, who did taxes from a room he rented above “The Red Caboose” in nearby Ballantine, handled the books for several businesses in the county including the local pool hall, and “Prumpy’s Gentleman’s Club.”

“I used Ron for a couple years”, continued Mr. Bumford, “and he saved me a ton of money. But one day a guy from Little Rock who worked for the State Attorney General started asking questions in town. And come to find out Ron was not a certified accountant, and had been convicted years before of filling taxes for people who had  been dead for some time.”

“Next thing I know the IRS is auditing me, and Ron told me I had to create some paperwork to support some of my valuations. He suggested I use this guy over in the next county. Well,  it turns out that guy was having an affair with the wife of an FBI agent – and when I heard that, I knew it was time to get a new accountant.”

Mr. Bumford’s financial situation eventually improved, and he’s glad that period of his life is over. “I guess it wasn’t a big surprise to find Ron, given what went on” he said with a sigh. “It was a messy couple of years for me. I’m just glad they didn’t find the prostitute who OD’d in my barn.”
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