New Board Game Unveiled For 2019: Monoporiskoly

New Board Game Unveiled For 2019: Monoporiskoly


A new board game unveiled this week in Stockholm will be ready for distribution in time for summer gift buying. It’s a mash-up of some of the best-loved games in history, and the makers believe it will be a big hit with upscale millennials.

Called “Monoporiskoly”, the game is played by 4-6 players. Each player is given a few million dollars to start, and then takes turns rolling the dice in order to conquer countries one by one. Once a player has assumed control of a country, they can build hotels. If a player lands on a hotel controlled by an opposing player, they must pay rent. The game continues until all the players control lots of hotels and all the countries on the board.

Behrdt Svenson, creator of the game, thinks it will be popular with the well-to-do youth of today. “One nice feature is that no matter how much money you lose, you can always get more from the bank. So, anyone can win as long as they know how to roll dice.”

“Another nice feature is that the game comes with someone who will move the pieces for you, and roll the dice. So, really all you have to do is just watch them play, and enjoy winning.”

“Also, you do not need to be present to win, either. So, if you are on a boat somewhere like in the Caribbean drinking a designer cocktail and lying in the sun thinking about restaurant choices for that evening, someone will call you to tell you how much you won. And will keep playing for you as long as you like, even for years.”

Monoporiskoly will be not be sold online or in stores, but is available to select families thru their financial advisors.
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