White House To Let Putin Come Over, But Trump Will Select Movie

White House To Let Putin Come Over, But Trump Will Select Movie


In a carefully negotiated deal hammered out in the wake of a successful meeting with the Russian President in Helsinki, the White House today announced that while it is OK for Russian President Vladimir Putin to come over, President Trump will most definitely get to pick the movie.

The movie night had been the subject of closed door negotiations by the Trump administration, who had spoken positively about the two leaders getting together, but did not want to invite President Putin over if it was just going to be weird.


Major Stumbling Block

“They were going to hang out last month, but then this thing came up and Putin said he wasn’t sure what time he could be over” said White House Movie Coordinator, Jennifer Scott. “Then they were almost going to do it a couple weeks later, but when they started talking about which movie to watch that kind of killed the whole thing.”

“This is a fantastic deal for the American Public” trumpeted a press release put out by ‘Americans For American Movies’, a think tank dedicated to the elimination of all foreign films from the United States.

“When President Trump selects a US film for the presidential movie night, such as Porky’s Two or The Stewardesses or American Pie: The Naked Mile,  it will send an unequivocal message to the Russians that in America, we watch American films.”


Master Negotiator Scores Terrific Deal

Although the snack choices will be largely left up to the Russian President, who promised to bring some over, the Trump team was said to be ecstatic over the agreement. A source who did not want to be named because he was not authorized to speak the press, said “the American people should be excited about this deal because it is an example of the kind of hard-nosed negotiating that their president is capable of.”


Exact Date Still Under Discussion

While the Kremlin did not respond to repeated requests for a comment concerning the movie night, sources said that President Putin was totally up for coming over. But he had to check on some other stuff he had going on and would give President Trump a call later if he could. Or else maybe next week some time unless of course something important comes up.


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