Man Seen Shooting Lightning Bolts from Fingertips in Santa Monica Alley Thought To Be Kanye West

Man Seen Shooting Lightning Bolts from Fingertips in Santa Monica Alley Thought To Be Kanye West


Passersby on a Santa Monica street were treated to an unexpected sight in the early morning hours Tuesday when they came upon a man in an alleyway that reportedly looked a lot like Kanye West shooting lightning bolts from his fingers.

At approximately 1AM, local resident Saam Ibril had just left Ye Olde Kings Head pub on Main Street and was heading down toward the ocean for a walk along the pier when he was startled by a bright light to his left. “I had a little buzz on at the time, but was by no means drunk, so I knew right away something was not right when I saw the light.” Mr. Ibril said. As he looked down an alley behind a parking ramp, he saw what looked like rapper and fashion designer Kanye West firing lightning bolts from each of his ten fingers into the air.

“I was definitely scared – the lightning was really bright and you could hear this crackling and sparking everywhere. I’m a volunteer fireman and have some experience with large fireworks, and this was just like that. Only way more intense.”

Cars passing on the street slowed to see what was going on, but almost as soon as the lightning began it stopped and the figure producing it walked over to a black Lamborghini with tinted windows, hopped in, and drove away. “I have all Kanye’s albums, and I’m pretty sure it was him” Mr. Ibril said. “He was wearing some gold chains and a black hoody, and what looked like some of the clothes I’ve seen for sale on his site. It was pretty cool.”

People on the scene did not know why the man was shooting lightning from his fingers, but one bystander who did not want to give her name guessed he was just blowing off some stream. “When you have all that pent up creative energy inside, sometimes you’ve just got to let some of it out. I know if I was Kanye West, I would totally shoot lightning from my fingers. Like probably every day.”
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