AltUSNatlParkService Twitter Feed Joined By AltUSNatlGovernment

AltUSNatlParkService Twitter Feed Joined By AltUSNatlGovernment



An attempt by some US National Park Employees to draw attention to the growing concerns of climate change, and resist censorship by the new Trump Administration on science issues, was joined recently by a much larger group when 15 million US Federal Employees opened the AltUSNatlGovernment Twitter account.

Millions of federal workers started the informal group, which is dedicated to preserving a functioning federal government as the new administration and congressional majority work to dismantle it.

“We saw this before back in the 1980s with Reagan” said an unnamed spokesperson for AltUSNatlGovernment, which is trying to keep a low profile despite having 15 million members. “An incoming administration appoints a bunch of people at the top who have little to no interest in what we do everyday, and it’s up to us to keep the government running while they spend their time trying to tear it apart.”

Although AltUSNatlGovernment has no formal structure or plans for the future, members are just happy that it exists. “It’s basically a support group for all the hard-working folks who provide services to the American people day in and day out” said postal worker Samuel Martinson. “It seems like Federal Employees are a favorite target for politicians these days, and the AltUSNatlGovernment tweets just kind of pick me up and keep me going.”

Clarita Lopez, an administrative assistant who works in the Federal Food and Drug Administration, also enjoys reading the feed. “Congress loves to cut our budget every chance they get, because it plays well with the folks back home. It just gets a little old when the public complains and we’re working with one hand tied behind our backs. But the AltUSNatlGovernment tweets are a nice reminder that we’ll get thru this. Regardless of who’s in power, federal employees are working everyday to serve the citizens of our great country.”

While the feed consists mainly of inspirational quotes and Dilbert cartoons, the federal employees plan to keep it going for the next four years as a way to stay connected. So far, Twitter has not moved to shut the account down although there could be some pressure from a certain notorious Twitter user. “So far, President Trump has not commented on the AltUSNatlGovernment account” said a person at Twitter who declined to give their name. “AltUSNatlGovernment is not violating any of our guidelines, so there is no reason to shut them down at this time.”

Of course, things could change down the road. “We haven’t seen an AltUSNavy or AltUSMarineCorps register yet,” said the source at Twitter. “I have to think that an AltUSArmedForces account would get somebody’s attention in Washington. And I’m guessing they would not wait around for a response from a Tweet to have it taken down. They would probably pick up the phone.”
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