Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Assumes Outsider Role at White House, Watching Thru Windows

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Assumes Outsider Role at White House, Watching Thru Windows


Consummate outsider and now Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon began his work day on Thursday in a familiar posture at the White House: standing outside in the Rose Garden looking in thru a window.

Mr. Bannon, renown for being an outsider influence on Donald Trump’s campaign, often courted fringe elements during his time as Chief Executive at Breitbart News. He has cultivated the image of a renegade willing to stand apart from the main stream throughout his career, and apparently his time at the White House will be no different.

Standing 10-15 yards from the door to the oval office, Mr. Bannon observed a cabinet meeting through a pair of binoculars, interjecting as needed thru the use of a walkie-talkie provided to him by the Secret Service. Urged several times to come inside by other members of the cabinet during a light freezing drizzle, Mr. Bannon resisted their entreaties, preferring instead to watch the proceedings carefully from the other side of a large colonial-style casement window.

“This window provides him a good view. He can see everything that’s going on from here just fine.” said White House groundskeeper William Garsh, motioning toward the 7 foot tall window trimmed in white oak. “He likes to stand out here every day. Typically he goes inside only for food, or to use the restroom.”

Mr Bannon, the ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker who oversaw Breitbart when it published an article alleging Planned Parenthood was perpetrating a holocaust, and who reportedly called women democrats “a bunch of dykes”, looked at ease as he made notes on a tablet, and listened to the cabinet with the aid of headphones.

While it’s unknown whether his presence outside the window affected the proceedings inside, sources say that the cabinet meetings have been productive, and that the President appreciated Mr.Bannon’s outsider perspective. Especially since it actually came from outside.

Mr. Bannon plans to remain outside until next week’s official Rose Garden horticultural tour which is given to each incoming cabinet, during which time he will move inside. However, sources say he is also considering moving outside the White House gates during the tour. The decision will depend on the results of a Breitbart poll revealing which one is more controversial.
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