Unemployment Rises, Wages Stagnant: Trump Declares “Will Continue Big League”

Unemployment Rises, Wages Stagnant: Trump Declares “Will Continue Big League”


President Donald Trump exalted over recent statistics from the Department of Labor today as they showed that more people are fighting over available jobs, and unemployment rose. “I think that it’s gonna continue big league,” Trump said.

While overall job numbers are up, with the Department reporting the US added 227,000 jobs to the economy, many of the jobs are low-paying, and more people are applying for work than before with not enough jobs to go around. “I think it’s gonna be some really very exciting times ahead” said President Trump.

Back on the campaign trail, the President had said that government labor statistics are “phony” and the “real” unemployment rate is much higher than reported, as much as 10 times the government figures. If that’s true, the one tenth of a percent uptick in the Department of Labor statistics must be translating to millions of more people now desperately unable to find the jobs they need. Despite this fact, Trump said his administration was “very happy” with the numbers, adding that there is “great spirit in the country right now.”

Frank Reynolds of Masataqua County in Missisippi, who voted for the President, was not pleased that there is now more competition in the labor market. However, the fact that there were more jobs does provide some good news. “Maybe I could be one of the lucky ones to get one of these low-paying jobs that more people are fighting over” he said. “It could happen”.

CEO’s of large companies across the country welcomed the news that wages were not on the rise. “I don’t want to get too bullish” said Martin Van Slyke of TSN Industries in Atlanta. “But if these stagnant wages and more people fighting over available positions is an indication of where the country is headed, this is going to be a great four to eight, or more years.”


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