Ex-Presidents Not All That Into Presidents Day This Year

Ex-Presidents Not All That Into Presidents Day This Year


Make America The Best reached out to some of our past presidents to see how they were going to celebrate their special day, and found out that many of them were not planning to do much this year.

“I guess I’ll probably just end up hanging out,” said George Washington. “If it was warmer we’d go to the beach and have a nice walk. But I think I’ll just take it easy this year.”

Abraham Lincoln was also looking to keep things low key on February 19th. “Martha and I usually hit the movies and then go out for a nice dinner. But this year we just kind of felt like staying in. Maybe play some cribbage.”

James Madison similarly was going to keep things simple. “Honestly, I may not get out of bed,” he said. “Being President is not the honor it used to be. In fact, I’d appreciate it if you would stop calling me by that title, frankly.”

Despite the overall muted response, not every Ex-President was staying in this Presidents Day. Richard Nixon and Warren Harding were both looking forward to the usual celebrations.

Ex-President Harding was planning to spend the day with one of his mistresses and trying his luck at a casino. “Really looking forward to Presidents Day this year!” he wrote in an email. “The country is finally on the right track. YOLO! Am I right?”

“This is a great country, and this is a great day,” said Ex-President Nixon. “I can’t wait to see what festivities are planned down on the mall. I feel like people have finally forgotten about all that Watergate stuff and I can mingle with the crowds without the usual stares. In fact, Pat was just saying the other day, it’s like what I did isn’t even such a big deal any more. Funny how time heals all, isn’t it?”


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