Trump Presents Giant Broccoli To Saudi King, Asks To Have It Cooked

Trump Presents Giant Broccoli To Saudi King, Asks To Have It Cooked


After an 11 hour flight aboard Air Force One, President Trump arrived at King Khalid International Airport and descended from the plane to a red carpet bearing a special gift: a giant stalk of broccoli.

“This is our gift to you, the Saudi people,” declared President Trump, handing the broccoli to King Salman. “It is the biggest broccoli stalk in the world, and we grew it as part of my new initiative into giant vegetables. We are developing vegetables of massive size. Really, really huge size vegetables, to feed hungry people like yourselves in the Middle East.”

The President’s visit to Saudi Arabia is the first stop on a tour of the Middle East that will include visits to Israel and the Vatican. He will later attend the 28th NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, and the 43rd G7 summit in Taormina, Italy.


Broccoli Facts

“Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family,” the President informed King Salman. “The great Thomas Jefferson, one of our founders of democracy, was a big fan. He ate broccoli almost every day, which is how he kept up his strength to write all those words in the Constitution. His hand would never cramp, no matter how many words he wrote. It was remarkable, and all because of broccoli.”

While in Saudi Arabia, the President will also attend a signing ceremony of several agreements that will further solidify U.S.-Saudi security and economic cooperation, and will meet with leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

“I hope that in my next visit, I can bring you the eggplant we’ve been working on,” the President said. “It is absolutely huge. We are making the biggest vegetables in the world in Trump Laboratories, and it is just one of the many ways that my administration is making America greater again than it’s ever been.”

President Trump then asked one of the Crown Princes standing nearby if he could take the broccoli to the kitchen and prepare it to be eaten, as he was hungry after the long flight.

He then stated he would wait in his plane until it was ready, thanked the king for wearing the funny Arab costume to the airport, and went back up the staircase into Air Force One to watch Laurence of Arabia until his giant stalk of broccoli was cooked.
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