In Bid To Bolster Humor, Fox News Names Leslie Jones CEO, Chris Rock Chairman

In Bid To Bolster Humor, Fox News Names Leslie Jones CEO, Chris Rock Chairman


In a frank admission that the humorous nature of their programming was just not getting thru to the general public, Fox News Channel surprised more than a few industry insiders today when they named Leslie Jones the new CEO of Fox News, and Chris Rock as Chairman of the sprawling 21st Century Fox media empire.


People Just Not Getting The Humor

“While focus groups continually give us high marks for information and energy,” said a company press release, “people were just not getting the joke. The hiring of Leslie Jones and Chris Rock to leadership positions will send a strong signal to our employees that we care about humor, and we want the public to understand that absolutely nothing we are doing should be taken seriously.”

While neither have experience in the news business, both Jones and Rock have a long track record of irreverence. Leslie Jones, best known for her work on Saturday Night Live, has been a featured performer at the Aspen Comedy Festival and starred in the 2016 feature film Ghostbusters. Chris Rock, also an SNL alum, is a successful stand-up comedian, actor, and producer who has appeared in numerous film and TV shows including Beverly Hills Cop II, Everybody Hates Chris, and the animated film Madagascar.


From Fuchs To Fox

Media watcher Milton Grambourg said the hirings should not be surprising given the company’s history:

“Ever since the founder of Fox Studios, Wilhelm Fuchs, changed his name to the more American-sounding William Fox and opened his film studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 1915, the company has had a long history of fooling people. In fact, the distinguished list of comedies such as Home Alone, Ice Age and Alvin and the Chipmunks figures prominently in everything Fox News Corp does. “

Company spokesman Tim Mendax outlined the challenges: “When Bill O’Reilly told viewers that laws protecting the LGBT community will lead to inter-species marriage between humans, goats, dolphins, and turtles, audiences should have been laughing, not calling their congressmen. When Sean Hannity looks in the camera and says with a straight face that Halloween is a liberal holiday because we’re teaching our children to beg for something for free, that should be received as the hilarious one liner it is. Not cause for boycotting trick or treating.”

“Our ratings across the board are excellent and the business is healthy, but if people are not understanding the comedic nature of what we are doing, then we are not doing our job.”


Plans For The Future

Ms. Jones was not available for comment, though sources said she was pleased to be part of the Fox family and looking forward to working to improving the network’s sense of humor. Chris Rock, thru a spokesperson, said he was thrilled to be the new Chairman of 21st Century Fox, and that he was very much looking forward to making some great mother fucking TV.
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