Bizarre Zombie Servant Hacks @POTUS Twitter Account

Bizarre Zombie Servant Hacks @POTUS Twitter Account


In a brazen attack on the @POTUS Twitter feed last night, a zombie hacker took control of the account in the early morning hours and posted a series of bizarre messages.

The messages began appearing at 2:28AM:

Although it was unclear who had seized control of the account, there seemed to be another party involved in the conversation:

And also some confusion about the device the hacker was using:


Clues To Hacker’s Identity

After a pause, the hacker appeared to reveal the identity of the party he was working for:

The hacker apparently was startled by someone entering the room:


Disobeyed Orders

The hacker then had a conflict with his superior:

The hacker then signed off:


Messages Explained

A little while later, the previous messages were deleted from the @POTUS Twitter account, and the White House explained the bizarre postings which had been the work of hackers:
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