Startling Batboy Appearance At White House Shocks Guests

Startling Batboy Appearance At White House Shocks Guests


An otherwise uneventful and pleasant dinner this evening at the White House took a surprising turn toward the bizarre when Batboy, the legendary half-boy half-bat, suddenly appeared in a vision above the president as his daughter Ivanka snapped a photo.

The photo, which was tweeted by Ivanka shortly after dinner, shows the President looking calm and relaxed, smiling at his children below, while overhead the hideous face of Batboy looms.

“We do not have a specific protocol for dealing with Batboy,” said a secret-service member who agreed to speak off the record, “but of course we had our guns drawn in case the foul creature made any sudden movements toward the president.”

Although a fearsome visage to behold, Batboy is reportedly harmless, and did not bother the 45th President of the United States. Witnesses say he simply hovered overhead observing the people in the room for several minutes, before slowly fading into a yellow mist and disappearing.

And while he was silent during the First Family’s conversations, Batboy did make one request before leaving: he asked the president to consider lifting regulations put in place by the Obama administration that prohibit flying children from sucking the blood of unsuspecting victims.

The President thanked Batboy for dropping by, and said he would have his newly-appointed advisor Nostferatu look into it.
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