Was Sarah Huckabee Wednesday In The 1960’s Sitcom Addam’s Family?

Was Sarah Huckabee Wednesday In The 1960’s Sitcom Addam’s Family?


While the Washington press corp has grown accustomed to the icy stare of the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, some of the more veteran reporters have begun wondering if they had perhaps seen that face before?

“I was sitting in the briefing room watching her take questions, and while she was glaring at a reporter from CNN asking about climate change, Wednesday Addams just popped into my head,” said photographer Michael Blatzen who freelances for various news outlets. “She just has that intense look about her, the same one Wednesday used to use on strangers who came into the Addam’s house.”

Wednesday Addams, a character in the beloved 1960’s TV sitcom “The Addams Family”, was the deadpan daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams and sister to Pugsley. Known for her long stares and lack of emotion, she was a sweet girl who nonetheless shared some of the family’s macabre traits, like maintaining a headless doll collection.

“Some of us started doing the math on her age in the press pool to kill time,” said Mr. Blatzen as he was downloading some images from his camera. “We thought maybe it could be her, until someone googled it on their phone and found out it was an actress named Lisa Loring.”

Lisa Loring, who appeared in various TV shows throughout the 70’s and 80’s including the Guiding Light, played Wednesday Addams on the show from 1964-1966.

Asked if perhaps Ms. Huckabee’s formal wear during press room briefings contributed to her resemblance to Wednesday Gomez, who wore a trademark black dress with a white collar, black stockings and black shoes, Mr. Blatzen replied “I don’t know, maybe.”

“But it doesn’t really matter. From now on I’m just going to imagine her as Wednesday. It kind of a fits nicely with the rest of the administration, which is basically like a real live Addams Family. Except instead of being on TV for entertainment, they are running the United States of America.”


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