Tillerson Refuses To Respond To Reporter’s Questions About New Anagram: “Any Wiener Sex Troll”

Tillerson Refuses To Respond To Reporter’s Questions About New Anagram: “Any Wiener Sex Troll”


Working for the Trump administration can be exhausting, given the recurring midnight Tweets, and turbulent staff turnovers marking the first 6 months at the White House.

So, in an effort to get back to the business at hand, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today refused to respond when asked by reporters if the letters in his name can be recombined to read: “any wiener sex troll”.


Focused On The Job Of Running The Country

The Secretary, who has faced repeated questioning on his job security, and whether he called the President an unflattering name, told the press that he was only going to respond on the subject of international relations.

“I’m sure you all would like to grill me on some inappropriate topics that have nothing to do with the vital job of running our country’s foreign policy,” the Secretary told the press pool, “but today we need to get back to business. So, please, let’s stick to international affairs.”

After some lackluster questions about Syria and the situation in Venezuela, a reporter from the New York Tribune stepped forward and asked the Secretary to confirm that his name was, in fact, an anagram for ‘any wiener sex troll’.


Rex Wayne Tillerson

The Secretary sighed and ignored the question, however fact-checkers for “In Truth.Org” who were present at the press conference confirmed that ‘any wiener sex troll’ is indeed an anagram for the Secretary’s full name.

Several reporters asked follow-up questions about what other anagrams could be made from the Secretary’s name. However, the Secretary declined to speculate. After a 5 minute pause in which the press corp couldn’t think of any other questions, reporters adjourned to a side room where they began trying to create other anagrams they could ask about.

As of press time, no one could come up with anything better, although reporters agreed there was probably something else there.


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