Bill Cosby Shares Inspirational Kitten Post With Harvey Weinstein: “Everybody Makes Meowstakes”

Bill Cosby Shares Inspirational Kitten Post With Harvey Weinstein: “Everybody Makes Meowstakes”


Writing on his private Facebook page that he “knows this must be a tough time”, and offering to be there “in case you want to talk”, writer and comedian Bill Cosby shared an inspirational kitten poster this week with film producer Harvey Weinstein with the caption: “Everybody Makes Meowstakes”.

Featuring a cute and cuddly kitten that has apparently knocked over a jar, spilling some beans onto a kitchen counter, the post offered the kind of uplifting message that has become traditional between friends on the internet who seek to cheer each other up.


Hang In Their Baby

Inspirational cat messages have been around for years, starting with the original “Hang In There, Baby” cat poster published in late 1971 by photographer Victor Baldwin. The poster, featuring his Siamese cat hanging from what looks like a tree branch, was accompanied by an inspirational caption that became a source of comfort to people everywhere.


Never Collaborated But Common Bond

Mr. Cosby, who has been the subject of highly publicized sexual assault allegations stretching back decades, apparently had read about the recent accusations of sexual harrasment against Mr. Weinstein, which also reportedly occurred over many years, and decided to share the inspirational post.

Although the two men have never worked together on a project, social media expert Matt Rybald said it’s not surprising that Mr. Cosby reached out to Mr. Weinstein.

“It’s common for people who have never met to connect on Facebook when they have had a shared experience. Whether that’s playing baseball, losing a loved one at an early age, or being accused of sexual misconduct, it’s natural for people to want to acknowledge things they have in common.”


An Offer Of Comfort

Although Mr. Cosby’s motives for the post are not known, Mr. Rybald said it’s likely that he wanted to offer some comfort to someone who found themselves in a similar situation to his own. However, he said, Mr. Cosby’s apparent follow-up posting directing Mr. Weinstein to anonymous prescription drug seller was more than likely just an affiliate link.
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