Sinbad Implicated In Saudi Corruption Probe

Sinbad Implicated In Saudi Corruption Probe


On the heels of the arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal by the Saudi government, sources say that entertainer and comedian Sinbad has also been implicated in the corruption scandal, and may be called to testify about what exactly he knows.


Long Under Suspicion

Best known for his stand-up comedy, and roles in films such as “Jingle All The Way,” and “House Guest,” rumors have swirled for years around the actor and comedian about his alleged portrayal of a genie in the movie “Shazam”.

Although many websites, such as, have gone to great lengths to prove that there was no such movie, many fans insist they have seen it. And any copies of the movie, if they exist, would be worth a fortune because of the internet hysteria surrounding it.


Possible Connection To The Orb

Sinbad may also have information related to the famous “Orb” that President Trump was exposed to on his recent trip to the Saudi kingdom. “The origins of the Orb are wrapped in secrecy, so one can only guess at what connection Sinbad may have to it,” said Egyptologist Franklin Roomen. “But if Sinbad was, in fact, a genie, perhaps he could tell authorities what power the Orb possesses. For instance, can it read your thoughts? Does it have lasers? There are many things the government would like to know.”


No Extradition Treaty

Although the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Saudi Arabia, Sinbad could be asked to come to Washington to testify, if he has information germane to the ongoing Russia inquiry. “I can imagine Special Prosecutor Mueller questioning Sinbad on a host of topics: Hillary’s missing emails, Paul Manafort’s ties to the Ukraine, whether President Trump’s brain is now under the control of a magical Orb…” said Mr. Roomen.

As of press time, the whereabouts of Sinbad was unknown; however, sources say that he left Los Angeles in an invisible jet en route to a remote island to check on the only remaining 50,000 copies of the movie “Shazam” in existence. They reportedly were still safely secured in the vault of his mountain fortress.
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