President Marvels At Great Wall, Amazed Mexicans Can Travel So Far

President Marvels At Great Wall, Amazed Mexicans Can Travel So Far


President Trump today visited the Great Wall of China as part of his 12-day tour of Asia and admired the famous structure, which dates back to the 7th century. “It’s so impressive,” he was quoted as saying. “Truly special.”

“And what’s also amazing is,” he continued, “that the Mexicans can get so far by walking”.


Impressive Deterent

The wall, which stretches over five thousand miles and can be seen from space, presents a formidable obstacle. Touring the system of fortifications built in 220–206 BC by Qin Shi Huang, the President nodded approvingly at the 25 foot high battlements. “I’d like to see someone try and climb that,” he joked with reporters.


Has To Give Credit

Still, the President said he had to give the Mexicans credit. “That must be a very long walk to get here. Many thousands of miles. It just shows you the tenacity and determination we are dealing with. They must be a very strong people.”

“Illegal Mexican immigration is a scourge on the planet, but I am sure a Great Wall like this makes them think twice.”


Lessons From China

The President said he has learned a lot by visiting China and would take that knowledge back to use in America. “They did not have the advantages we have today of modern materials and machinery when they built this, but it’s still very impressive. We could learn a lot by studying it.”

The President also said the wall proves it’s possible to stop illegals from crossing the border with a good, sturdy barrier. “I haven’t seen a single Mexican since arriving here in Beijing anywhere. And also I’ve noticed – if you listen to the people, you hear no Spanish,” he said, “only Chinese.”

“We could learn a lot from the Chinese,” he remarked. “If only we could understand what they were saying.”
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