Dog Still Thinking About That Bird In Tree From 3 Years Ago

Dog Still Thinking About That Bird In Tree From 3 Years Ago


Although three years have passed since he first spied the Eastern Bluebird perched in a tree outside in his backyard, local bulldog, Boris, thinks relentlessly of it every waking moment.


Contantly Thinking About It

“Yeah, he thinks about it non-stop,” said owner Bob Jorgenheit. “It’s a constant source of interest to him. He’s completely fixated on that bird. Never leaves his brain really.”

Mr. Jorgenheit recounted what happened the day his English bulldog, Boris, encountered the member of the thrush family:

“We had just fed him, opened the back door to let him out, when he saw the bird in the tree just off our back porch. Boris went nuts. He started barking and pawing at the tree. The bird just looked down at him out of curiosity. It wasn’t afraid at all – which drove Boris absolutely bonkers.”

The barking and leaping continued for almost an hour as the bird studied Boris from his branch a few feet above him, until Boris collapsed in a heap, leaning on the trunk of the tree.


An Abrupt Departure

After another 20 minutes of staring at Boris, who looked up at the bird with an occasional whimper, the bird flew off over the garage.

“I can’t really describe the sound Boris made when the bird flew away,” said Mr. Jorgenheit. “But it was kind of mournful. Like he had been wounded deep down inside. He didn’t want to do much the rest of the day.”


Thinks About It All The Time

“Now when we let Boris out, the first thing he does is to run over to the tree where he saw the bird. He looks at every branch, and only when he’s sure the bird is not there, will he walk into the yard,” said Mr. Jorgenheit.

“It’s kind of sad in a way. You can tell he really wants to find it. But it doesn’t look like it’ll ever come back.”

According to Boris, despite assurances from his owner, the bird was expected to be back in the tree just as soon as the back door opens again.
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