137 Countries Thankful This Week That Trump Is Not Their President

137 Countries Thankful This Week That Trump Is Not Their President


Heaving a sigh of relief, people around the world joined the United States this week in being thankful – mainly for the fact that Donald Trump is the U.S. President and not theirs.

“There are many things to be thankful for in Botswana,” said Bilku Baruti, who lives in the northern part of the country. “We have natural resources like diamonds, and a stable and functioning democracy – but chief among the things we are grateful for is that we do not have a crazy person like Donald Trump telling us what to do.”


Same On Every Continent

In country after country, people expressed deep gratitude that the head of their government does not stay up all night Tweeting at celebrities and sports figures. “The poverty in our country is very bad in the favelas,” said Antaniso Silva of Brazil. “But when I think of how it would be to have Donald Trump as president, things do not seem so bad here.”

In the economically challenged semi-arid region of Bihar, India, Babu Bakshi struggles as a subsistence farmer. But still he is thankful. “Indian politics are prone to violence and religious intolerance,” he said, “but Vishnu has blessed us by giving Trump to your United States and not us. Truly we are blessed.”

Indeed, even citizens of one of the poorest nations on the planet, The Central African Republic, found time to be thankful Trump was not their leader. “Some of our presidents have committed terrible crimes,” said Martin Ngobogo. “But at least they do not grab women inappropriately and brag about it. Your country’s women must feel very ashamed to have such a president.”


Celebrating In Spirit

Although turkeys are in short supply in countries like Burundi, Mozambique, and 135 others around the world, all said they would celebrate Thanksgiving in their hearts on Thursday. And further that they would celebrate it every year if the United States would keep President Trump at home, and not send him to their country any time soon.

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