Local Town Demands Recall Of Mayor After Finding Out He Attended Graduate School

Local Town Demands Recall Of Mayor After Finding Out He Attended Graduate School


When James Thurlan applied to take some classes in city planning at a local college in 1981, he was hoping the extra schooling might help him land a job in government that next year.

However, as it turns out, his additional coursework has become a hot button issue for the town that elected him mayor. This week the citizens of Darrenport demanded his recall when it was revealed that he had attended graduate school for three years in the 1980s.


Should Have Let Us Known

Many citizens of Darrenport feel betrayed by the man they had entrusted with their vote. And townspeople have been asking a lot of questions, like what else is the mayor hiding?

“He should have let us know that before he got elected,” said Gordon Bollock, who voted twice for Mr. Thurlan. “I mean, I’ve got nothing against higher education, but when you’re running for office, you’ve got to let the people know that’s in your background. It shouldn’t come out like this after you’re already elected.”


Uncomfortable Silence

Mr. Thurlan, who said he took fairly typical courses like “Intro To Housing Policy,” and “Economics for Urban Planners,” is not sure why people are so upset.

“We were joking about me doing so poorly in the office football pool, and I said ‘you’d think I’d do better after all those years in school’. And someone said, ‘well High School doesn’t teach you much about football’. And I just laughed. And then after a pause, someone said, ‘what exactly did you mean by all those years in school’?”

The conversation took an uncomfortable turn as the mayor told them about finishing his planning degree, and the room got very quiet.


Petition In The Works

An online petition, citing an ethics clause in the town charter related to fraud, has already received 1,200 signatures for a recall election to replace the mayor.

“I’ve got nothing against Mayor Thurlan,” said Josie Wintrop who had signed the petition the previous day. “But we just don’t need some expert coming in here telling us what to do. Or one that’s already here, either.”


Candidates Line Up To Run

Local bar owner Gus Prable recently announced his candidacy by holding a wet T-Shirt contest in which one of the contestants wore a “Run Thurlan Out Of Town” hat.

As part of his platform, Mr. Prable has promised 1/2 price beer at all of his campaign events, and said he will look into who else might be holding an advanced degree in the city government if elected. Just as soon as he gets done organizing the book burning.

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