Meghan Markle Retires From Acting To Pursue Full Time Princessing Career

Meghan Markle Retires From Acting To Pursue Full Time Princessing Career


Actress Meghan Markle, star of the popular USA network show “Suits” and a featured performer in numerous movies and TV shows over the years, has reportedly decided to retire from acting effective December 2017 to pursue a full-time job in princessing.

In an announcement that was expected, but somehow still came as a surprise to her fans, Ms. Markle related her lifelong fascination with the profession. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in even dating back to childhood,” she told Make America The Best, “but it’s a difficult line of work to get into. So, when Prince Harry offered me the opportunity to princess, well it’s something I just couldn’t pass up.”


Many Parallels To Acting

Although there will be a learning curve making the jump to her new career, Ms. Markle says there is a lot of crossover with being an actress. “Both acting and princessing require good communications skills. You need to know how to make an impression, whether that’s reading lines in an audition, or meeting a foreign dignitary’s spouse on a tarmac. A lot of my acting skills should come in handy.”


Relocation To Europe

One necessary transition Ms. Markle will be required to make is moving to London, where she will take up residency in a palace. “There just aren’t any real princessing opportunities in the US,” Ms. Markle said. “I realized pretty early on, if you want to do this full time, you’re going to have to go overseas. London’s Buckingham Palace provides a great place to do that.”

Although Hollywood will miss her, Ms. Markle’s colleagues were glad she was going to pursue this next phase in her career. “We wish Meghan the very best in her new endeavors,” said President of USA Networks Chris McCumber. “She has always cared deeply about acting, and the importance of giving a great performance. Her positive approach, knowledge, experience and fun style will serve her very well in her future princessing pursuits.”

Ms. Markle is scheduled to start work for her new employer in the new year just as soon as she completes the interview process with the queen, marries Prince Harry, and of course, passes the requisite royal drug test.
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