Real Alien Visits UFO Convention – Not Exactly What Organizers Were Expecting

Real Alien Visits UFO Convention – Not Exactly What Organizers Were Expecting


When the planning comittee for the 2017 WE ARE NOT ALONE Annual UFO Convention began preparing for this year’s meeting, it was shaping up to be another fun but most likely forgettable gathering.

But their excitement soon went off the charts when they were contacted by a real life extraterrestrial who was going to be in the solar system that weekend, and agreed to stop by.

The anticipation built to an almost fever pitch until the big day, when the space traveler landed in the parking lot at the Fresmar County Arena and the leaders of the UFO organization came face to face with an actual being from outer space.


Didn’t Look Exactly Like I Expected

Zack Rebart, the chair of this year’s committee, thought the alien was really great, but said “I guess I was a little surprised that he didn’t look like I thought he would.”

“You know, you just grow up with this very specific idea of what aliens look like. And I’m not sure why, but I always assumed they would look like, you know, the drawings you always see.”

The extraterrestrial, who came from the Pythagoras Galaxy which is yet to be discovered by earth astronomers, amazed the convention-goers with the advanced technology his civilization had developed.

“Yeah, he was pretty interesting,” said Sandy Blachart, who had been present for the exciting news when the group first found out a real alien was coming, screaming ‘Oh – my – God!’ over and over for fifteen minutes. “I mean, he seemed to know a lot of stuff. So, that was cool. And he was really nice. Which, we all appreciated.”


Levitated An Entire Car

The audience was extremely impressed when the alien hoisted an entire replica of the “Back To The Future” DeLorean from the floor of the convention center using just the power of his mind.

“I’d never seen that,” said Mr. Rebart. “Pretty impressive.”

“Agreed,” said Ms. Blachart. “That was something.”


Not A Lot To Talk About

The organizers of WE ARE NOT ALONE asked their guest several questions, mainly centered around the journey to Earth, and whether all the aliens looked like him on his home planet.

“I thought I would have a lot more questions than I did,” said Mr. Rebart. “I was trying to think of some more during those long awkward pauses, but I just couldn’t seem to come up with anything.”


Not Really Into Space Travel

After a few hours at the convention, it was time for the alien to leave. But before he flew off in his spacecraft, he had one more surprise.

“He asked us if we wanted to go with him,” said Mr. Rebart, “which was so cool that he offered.”

“Normally we would have probably jumped at the chance to fly in a UFO,” said Ms. Blachart, “but you know, we were pretty bushed after setting up the convention and all.”

“Yeah, plus we needed to be there to get our deposit back from the convention center. So, we couldn’t really go up in a spaceship,” said Mr. Rebart. “He asked if he could come back next year, and we were like, yeah, let’s talk about that in a couple of months and see how things are looking.”

“For sure, he could probably come back if we don’t have any other aliens contact us.”

“That, you know, look more like what you would think they should look like.”
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