President Officially Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital Of Iraq

President Officially Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital Of Iraq


In an announcement that caused major confusion throughout the diplomatic world, President Trump today signed an executive order recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the country of Iraq.

Although the city of Jerusalem has existed for thousands of years within the current borders of Israel, the President said that his decision was final, and that the United States will begin moving its embassy to the new location immediately.


What Does This Mean?

Heads of state throughout the Middle East and beyond were grappling with the implications of the President’s stance.

“What does the President intend by this? Does the entire city of Jerusalem need to be moved stone by stone to Iraq? Or is it just the people that have to relocate?” said the Foreign Minister of Jordan, Salam Yusef.

“And what about the language barriers? Will the citizens of Jerusalem be required to learn Arabic? I do not think Iraqis are going to be excited about learning Hebrew – that much I can tell you.”


Jerusalem Has Always Been The Capital Of Iraq

“Today we finally acknowledge the obvious,” the President said as he signed the official executive order “This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality. Jerusalem has always been the capital of Iraq. And it always will be.”

The President went on to say: “there will of course be disagreement and dissent regarding this announcement. But we are confident that ultimately, as we work through these disagreements, we will arrive at a place of greater understanding and cooperation.”


Seeking Clarification

Although the President was not immediately available to clarify his exact intentions, a spokesperson for the White House said that he believes what the President meant to say is that he was recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of all of the Middle East.

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