Radio Stations Agree To Redact Lyric “Safe And Warm” From California Dreaming

Radio Stations Agree To Redact Lyric “Safe And Warm” From California Dreaming


The National Association Of Radio Broadcasters today announced they will redact the lyrics “safe and warm” from the Mommas and Papa’s 1960’s classic song “California Dreaming” from all versions currently on air, out of respect for the victims of this season’s wildfires.


Obviously Not Safe At All

“Clearly, there is nothing safe about any of this,” said Marv Halbertson, NARB Communications Director, referring to the fires that have burned over 200,000 acres and destroyed many homes and businesses. “I mean, this is terrible what’s going on. Santa Barbara is on fire for Christ’s sake.”

Of course, the popular vocal group could never have known that wildfires in California would be so destructive in 2018 when they wrote the song back in 1966. But NARB feels it’s inappropriate at this time to play the song over the airwaves in its current form.


Broad Discretion To Make Changes

Mr. Halbertson said its member stations will have broad leeway to tailor changes to their specific markets.

One radio station in Wilmington reportedly inserted parts of a “Despesito” into the gap left by the lyric, while other stations have simply left a silent pause. “A broadcaster in Fresno decided to edit in pieces of a pizza roll commercial into the song,” he said. “While that may be musically jarring for some listeners, NARB have given no guidance to our members other than to remove those words.”


Original Recording Will Be Preseved

When asked whether the song will ever be played again in its original form, Mr. Halbertson assumed that it would be after sufficient time has passed. Unless, of course, climate change forces a rethinking of the entire American song canon.

“If this kind of tragedy becomes a yearly occurrence, we may see a lot of changes to previously recorded popular music. Will it be OK to play ‘Hot For Teacher’ if schools are burning down every year? Or Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’? We just don’t know what the future holds”

“But one things for certain, Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ is going to become a lot more popular as law enforcement continues to search for whoever is responsible for these blazes.”
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