US House And Senate Agree On Tax Bill

US House And Senate Agree On Tax Bill


The US House and Senate today reportedly came to an agreement on the details of the new tax overhaul for the country, having ironed out their differences on the particulars.


Best Of Both Worlds

The new tax bill contains the best provisions from both bills, said a member of the House. “When you got right down to it, we agreed on almost everything, at least the important items.”

In fact, there was really not much to discuss in the subcommittee behind closed doors said a Senator. “We were ready for a lot of give and take, but as it turns out, there was nothing to talk about. It was perfect just as it was.”


Timing TBD

Congress has said the new tax bill will be enacted at a time when you least expect it, probably as you’re riding a Big Wheel around the hallway.
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