Man Thinking About Netflix Queue Accidentally Blinds Himself Watching Sunset

Man Thinking About Netflix Queue Accidentally Blinds Himself Watching Sunset


A local man was treated this week for burns to his retina after staring at the sun continuously for nearly ten minutes in nearby Ruddington Beach, authorities say.

The man, who did not want to reveal his name, had become distracted by thoughts about his Netflix streaming account while walking on the beach, and lost track of what he was doing.

“I was trying to decide which series to watch next in my queue: Alias Grace or The Crown. They are both supposed to be excellent and I was having a really hard time sorting it out.”


Both Really Great Shows

“I am a big fan of the ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ and Margaret Atwood in general,” said the man, who was wearing bandages over both of his eyes. “And I loved ‘American Psycho’ which Mary Harron directed. So, when someone told me about ‘Alias Grace,’ I got really excited about it.”

“But I’ve also been saving ‘The Crown’ until I had a good chunk of free time to watch it without being interrupted – and this weekend was looking good for catching up on the new episodes.”

“It was really hard deciding, so I guess I kind of forgot where I was. It’s too bad I was staring directly into the sun at the time.”


Searing Pain Probably Should Have Been A Red Flag

“It’s funny, because I’ve always been very careful about protecting my eyes,” said the man. “I always wore my shop glasses in industrial arts – even when the teacher was just lecturing. I also bought the special glasses for the last eclipse and even then, didn’t look at it for very long”.

“I’m not sure what to say really, except that those shows are rumored to be very, very good.”


Injury Likely Not Permanent

Although he considered suing Netflix when the incident occurred, the man did not think he would pursue any legal action against the company – since he is expected to recover most of his eyesight. “My eyes started getting better within a week, and my attorney said that the permanent damage probably wasn’t there to make a lawsuit worthwhile. Which I guess is a good thing.”

“The ophthalmologist told me I just need to rest my eyes after work for the next few weeks. I guess it is kind of ironic that now I can’t watch anything,” the man said.

“But the good news is, there will be even more great shows available by the time my eyes get better. I just need to remember not to go for walks any more after work.”
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