Senators Tom Cotton And David Perdue Enter Pi Memorization Contest

Senators Tom Cotton And David Perdue Enter Pi Memorization Contest


Two US Senators declared themselves ready to take on the best memories on earth today, stating their intention to recite the irrational number known as “Pi” to over 100,000 decimal places.

Convinced they can break the current Guinness World Record held by Lu Chao of China, who in 2005 recited Pi to 67,890 digits, Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and David Perdue of Georgia, have scheduled a public event to try and claim the coveted prize.


Couldn’t Remember Meeting They Were In Several Hours Ago

Although the Senators, who were present for a White House meeting on immigration when the President reportedly referred to countries as “shitholes”, were unable to recall anything out of the ordinary a few hours later, they are confident they can memorize the number Pi well beyond the current record.

“The key to memorizing an arbitrary number is to turn the digits into a story,” said Senator Cotton. “Despite not remembering a sitting President using the language of a drunken sailor earlier today, we feel confident that using these advanced memorization techniques, we will remember more of the number Pi than any humans in history.”


Need To Consult Staff

Although neither Senator could remember the date they had arranged to try and break the record, they were pretty sure that the month started with the letter J, or maybe M, and would take place most likely on a weekend, since they are supposed to be at work during the week. Also, the event would be held either in Washington DC, or in the state of Washington, or at Washington’s Home in Mount Vernon. Details to follow.
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