Russian Bots Announce New Fragrance Line, Gets 1.3 Million Likes

Russian Bots Announce New Fragrance Line, Gets 1.3 Million Likes


An army of Russian Bots, responsible for wreaking havoc on elections and fomenting discord around the globe, has announced a new fragrance line this week for men and women.

The new scent, called Smelnik, immediately garnered 1.3 million likes on Twitter and Facebook upon its announcement, and was trending heavily across all social media platforms.


Like And Retweet This Fragrance

A press release by the Russian Bots outlined their strategy for capturing consumer attention in the crowded fragrance and perfume category by asking people to “Like and RT this fragrance”. An aggressive social media campaign was picked up by hundreds of thousands of Twitter and Facebook users that liked the new fragrance and also asked other users to like and retweet.


Fragrance Events Planned

In an effort to drive sales for the new perfume, Russian Bots also announced a series of rallies across the U.S.

“Rally today in support of Smelnik in Union Square at 3:30pm” announced one event planned for San Francisco, asking citizens to “defend against deep state perfumes Chanel and Armani”

Other Smelnik events were scheduled for Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Miami, and Beverly Hills.


Immediately Bashed

The new fragrance was immediately attacked by tens of thousands of Twitter and Facebook users who claimed the new fragrance was a “Hillary conspiracy” and the work of Mongolian terrorists linked to ex-Senator Al Franken. Users were asked to get the word out about Smelnik and its ties to Democrats and their allies.

Estimates for U.S. sales of Smelnik, which is an extract of cod liver oil, were not available at press time. However, industry analysts are predicting they will top 1.8 million by Q3 of 2018.
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