Neighborhood Perv With Drone Alerts You To Dangerous Creosote Buildup In Your Chimney

Neighborhood Perv With Drone Alerts You To Dangerous Creosote Buildup In Your Chimney


A local ‘peeping tom’, with several restraining orders filed against him for peering into the windows of nearby houses, played the good Samaritan yesterday when he went out of his way to make you aware of a potentially hazardous condition in your chimney.

The creeper, who pilots a six-prop drone equipped with a camera around your neighborhood on clear nights, noticed there was a creosote buildup in your chimney as he flew over your roof to get a better look in your east windows on the second floor.


Thought You Should Get It Checked Out

“I did a stint as a volunteer firefighter a few years back,” said the man, who also spent three months in jail for looking into the windows of several old girlfriends, “and I know that creosote buildup is a real problem when it gets that thick.”

After flying in for a closer look at the buildup of soot and tar, he returned the drone to his backyard and attached a hand-written sign warning you of the condition. “When I flew back, I got in real close to the lady’s window. She screamed pretty good – but she got the message. I hope she gets it checked out because that’s not something you want to play around with.”


Potential Fire Hazard

Creosote, a “catch-all” term often used to refer tar and soot, as well as wood preservatives, can start a fire in a chimney if enough builds up over time.

“When you see several inches of the stuff, it’s time to get it cleaned,” said leading fire expert, Nathan Jaundic. “A service will charge you about $100, but it could save your house from burning down. That’s a pretty good deal.”


Action Taken

While it’s true you were creeped out and immediately called 911 to report the small aircraft outside your bedroom, you did also ask the dispatcher about chimney inspection and how often it should be done. And your decision to call a chimney service on Monday was a prudent one.

At least, that’s what that weirdo will think as he peers at your house from his attic window through a telescope, and sees the chimney cleaner’s white van pull into your driveway Monday morning.
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