Workers Uncover Brand New Way For You To Admire Beyonce

Workers Uncover Brand New Way For You To Admire Beyonce


Although convinced you had already found all of the possible ways that you could hold singer-songwriter and actress Beyonce Knowles-Carter in the highest esteem, workers this week renovating your building made the surprising discovery of yet another way for you to admire the talented music and pop culture superstar.


Part Of Larger Build Out

The renovations, which were authorized by your condo association last June, required that the workers remove a layer of sheet rock in one of the hallways near the stairs. It was there that they stumbled across the new way to adore the hip hop icon and mother of three.

“You never know what you’re going to find when you start peeling back the layers,” said Ralph Laurencello, the foreman on the construction project. “As soon as the panel was removed, we could see that this was a new access to appreciating Beyonce that had been part of an earlier floor plan, but had not been used for some time.”


Completely Unexpected

Already overwhelmed by the cuteness of her children, uncompromising artistic performances, fantastic hair, excellent business skills, willingness to make amends with her husband, and unparalleled dancing and singing, the discovery of an entirely new pathway to appreciate the Queen B was completely unexpected.

“We’ve contacted the architect to see if there’s a way we can incorporate this new feature into the building,” said Building Superintendent Franklin Kotzke. “Although there are plenty of ways we can all value the amazing person that Ms. Knowles-Carter is, finding yet another avenue for our veneration seems like something we should try and preserve for future tenants, if at all possible.”

Already busy at work to integrate the new discovery into the overall design of the building, architects are hoping to have the work completed in time for the next amazing thing that Beyonce does, which everyone agrees will probably make her even more impressive and awe-inspiring than she is now already.

As if that were possible.
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