White House Accidentally Nominates Black Judge, Apologizes For Clerical Error

White House Accidentally Nominates Black Judge, Apologizes For Clerical Error


Given the fast pace at which the Trump administration has been filling positions on the federal bench, it’s understandable that a mistake could be made somewhere along the line.

And so it happened this week as the White House apologized for inadvertently recommending the appointment of an African-American judge to the federal bench, after sending over the wrong folder by mistake.


We Deal With A Lot Of Folders

The Judicial Nomination Administrator at the White House said the high number of folders in the office was to blame for the error.

“We have so many folders around here – there are stacks of them all over the White House. It’s really hard to keep them straight,” he said, agreeing to speak off the record. “Half the time I’m not sure if what I’m holding even pertains to my job. It’s very confusing.”

“But no, we did not intend to send that particular folder over,” he said.

A call was made to the Senate Judiciary Committee to retrieve the wrong folder as soon as the mistake was discovered, and the correct folder containing a white nominee was quickly sent over.


Mistake Never Became An Issue

Said a clerk at the Judiciary Committee: “given that 86 out of 87 Trump nominees for vacancies on the bench have not been African-American, we assumed that the folder was sent over for some other purpose, and set it aside until we could confirm with the White House.”

“When we heard that indeed they had not meant to send it over, it was easy enough to send back.”

The replacement nominee is expected to be confirmed by the Republican-led committee just as soon as all the members get a good look at the photo to make sure it’s someone they know can do the job.

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