Man Leaning On Bicycle With Folded Arms Doesn’t Feel Like Spitting Today

Man Leaning On Bicycle With Folded Arms Doesn’t Feel Like Spitting Today


Leaving his home recording studio behind to take a long bike ride and look for a good coffee shop, a man leaning on his bicycle with crossed arms decided against busting some ill rhymes this morning after breakfast.

“Yesterday I was ready to lay down this new joint, but for some reason when I got on the mic after my cornflakes, there was no flow. So, I went for a bike ride,” said the man, leaning on his bicycle.


Not Hard Today

“Typically I’m spitting for real from about 10am to noon on Saturdays. Then I take a break for a sandwich, usually egg salad or something like that, and then I wail for another hour or so before catching a movie.”

“I was all set to finesse some lines, but for whatever reason, it was like skrrt – skrrt.” said the man, who unfolded his arms to make a waving motion. “Definitely not vibing.”


Looking For Antique Tins

Deciding to hit the farmer’s market instead, the man was going to shop for a unique country store tin to keep his mic cables in. “I like mostly 40’s advertising – butter pails – and any tins with rural scenes,” he said. “They’re basically just flex pieces, but some of them are worth a little money.”

Although the man leaning on his bicycle was going low key today, he fully anticipated dropping salad hardcore next week. Especially if he was inspired by the right tin.

“If all goes well, this time next week, I’m gonna feel like buying Burger King, and eating it at McDonalds.”

The bike, which is stored in the basement studio and hears most of the man’s musical output, had no comment.
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