Tragic: President Unable To Spell His Name On G7 Statement

Tragic: President Unable To Spell His Name On G7 Statement


Despite repeated coaching from the six other allied leaders on how to form the individual letters that make up the words “Donald Trump”, the US president was unable to sign the joint statement at the end of the G7 summit this week hosted by the Canadian government.

“He just wasn’t getting it,” said a G7 conference spokesman. “They all went over the spelling of his name several times. It’s not that many letters, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t sinking in.”


Tried Having His Hand Trace The Letters

In hopes that the United States would sign on to the document in a show of solidarity, the various world leaders each took a turn demonstrating how easy it was to write the words “Donald Trump”.

“They requested a white board and some dry erase markers and showed the President how to start the “D” with a straight line, and then a big curve. They tried everything in the book, even singing the alphabet song.”

Said one aid who did not want to be named: “Chancellor Merkel held his hand and traced each letter – calling them out as they wrote them together “D – O – N- “… but when she was done, he just waved his hand and shrugged. They couldn’t get him to even try.”


New Rules For Signatures

In an attempt to avoid a similar awkward situation at the next G7 summit, the members proposed a rule change allowing for an “X” to signify a leader’s signature, as long as the other members were present to witness.

“We’re pretty sure he can make an X,” said the aid. “But just in case, they’re making any kind of mark made with a pen acceptable.”

The next G7 summit will be held in Biarritz, France, in 2019.
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