87% Of US Children Already Forgetting Trump Presidency


Although the subject of a recent poll is the current President of the United States, a random sampling from across the country revealed that 87% of American children cannot recall who Donald J. Trump is, or why they should even know his name.

While the same children remembered small details about Presidents Barak Obama and George Bush, could quote them at length, and name important achievements during their time in office, none of them could think of a single thing Donald Trump ever said, did, or even remember who he was.


No Recollection Of The Trump Presidency Whatsoever

“Nope,” said 7-year-old Richmond Sturgis of Roanoke, Virginia, when asked who Donald Trump was. “I don’t know who that is.”

“Was he a singer?” asked DeWitt Thomspen, a 9-year-old from Bar Harbor, Maine.

“Is that the name of a breakfast cereal?” offered Franklin Morrison, a 6-year-old from Queens, New York.

“I remember everybody,” said 7-year-old Tyler Lewis of Melappas, Missouri. “But not that guy. He don’t ring a bell.”


The New Henry Harrison?

While presidents typically are too busy to think about how they will be remembered during their time in office, the low number of children who can even remember the president’s name place him in the company of some long-forgotten office holders.

“Surely Henry Harrison has to be the gold standard of forgotten presidents,” said Professor Reese Schuham of the Glandheis School of Presidential Studies in Annapolis, Maryland.

In office for only thirty-one days, the unfortunate President Harrison famously refused to wear a hat in the pouring rain during his inauguration. He subsequently contracted pneumonia, and died shortly thereafter without accomplishing much.

“President Trump, of course, has the advantage of having served over a year in office already – so, the fact that the future historians of the world cannot remember who he is even after almost 2 years of being president is not a good sign.”


Got A Free Hat

Of the 13% of American children who have a memory of the President, 12% mainly recall being taken to rallies by their parents.

“There were a lot of shouting neighbors. And it was really noisy,” said Dean Wollov of New Castle, Arizona. “People were really mad, and I got a hat.”

“He was yelling at a group of people with cameras and wanted us to yell at them, too”, said Tim Bosmun of North Richland, Tennessee. “I was plugging my ears to drown out the noise. It was really annoying.”


Most Likely To Remember The President

The remaining 1% of children who had memories of the president were those whose parents were singled out for persecution on the national stage, suffered job loss because of poor economic policy, or dealt with health problems due to the elimination of environmental regulations.

Respondents from this group overwhelmingly said that they will not be forgetting the name Donald J. Trump any time soon.

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