Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals New Angry Unfunny Balding Character

Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals New Angry Unfunny Balding Character


In a follow-up to his recent hit series “Who Is America?”, the impresario Sasha Baron Cohen made an appearance this week as yet another outlandish TV character: this time as a heavy set, balding man trying to pick a fight.

The new character, who goes by the alias “Alex Jones,” accosted Senator Marco Rubio outside a Capitol Hill social media hearing room Wednesday, calling him a “little frat boy,” and apparently trying to goad the senator into throwing a punch.


Not Sure Why He Picked This Persona

The improv lasted for just a few minutes before the Senator grew tired of the exchange, called “Alex” a dumbass, and walked away. Cohen responded by retorting: “Look at this little frat boy, he’s so cool. Go back to your bathhouse. There goes Rubio, little punk.”

“Sasha is always pushing the edge,” said freelance entertainment correspondent Valerie Schimpkel about the stunt. “But it’s hard to say where he is going with this one. The character is not funny, seems to be trying to incite violence, and is generally unpleasant to watch. But, who knows? I’m sure with Sasha, it’s going to be interesting!”

Although it remains to be seen whether the character is for a new show, or possibly a feature that Cohen is working on, insiders say a development deal is rumored to be in the works with
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