Local Man Looking Forward To Watching Company Enjoy Its Retirement

Local Man Looking Forward To Watching Company Enjoy Its Retirement


Local man Gerry Gurstaed worked tirelessly for decades at the same company here in this small town near Omaha. Punching the clock, rarely calling in sick, he put in extra hours each day to increase the company’s bottom line, and has been gratified to watch its value grow over the years.

And so, as he nears retirement age, Gerry is looking forward to enjoying the fruits of his labor as he watches the company that he worked so hard for enjoy the money it made off him over many years.


Satisfying Feeling

“It’s going to be really neat watching my company finally kick back, do some traveling, and enjoy its retirement spending all the money it earned from me,” said Mr. Gurstaed.

“I’ll have to admit that occasionally I sometimes questioned why I was giving up my vacation time and staying until 9 o’clock some nights, just so the company could improve its already impressive balance sheet – but at the end of the day, it’s all been worth it. Knowing my company is going to enjoy only the best life has to offer when it decides to retire really gives me a sense of accomplishment.”


Watching From A Distance

Although Mr. Gurstaed will barely be scraping by on social security and a small IRA he was able to purchase, he said he plans to keep tabs on his company and all the adventures it will have. “I talked to our human resources person and they said I can continue to receive the company news letter after I stop working, so I’ll know what the company is up to.”

“When it takes a Greek Islands vacation, or goes whale watching in a Norwegian fjord – I’ll be right there in spirit. And based on the amount of money the company made from me, the skies are really the limit when it comes to where it can travel in its twilight years.”

“I can’t wait,” said Mr. Gurstaed, dabbing at his eye with a Kleenex.


Company Most Likely Grateful

Although the company did not respond to a request for comment, a spokesman said it would probably be grateful for the many years of service Mr. Gurstaed gave it, and would likely remember him fondly when it was skydiving, sailing in the Caribbean, or hiking along the sun-drenched coast while sipping a mojito in the Fiji islands.

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