President Calls In Army To Put Down #WorldKindnessDay Celebrations

President Calls In Army To Put Down #WorldKindnessDay Celebrations


Fearing the spread of camaraderie and general goodwill among US citizens that takes place during the annual observance #WorldKindnessDay, President Trump called in 10,000 US soldiers to the nation’s capital to monitor events for any unusual behavior.

Citing unpredictable acts such as “THE BIG HUG,” and handing out Kindness Cards to random strangers, the president authorized the army to use any force necessary in managing the crowds which he said, “could easily spin out of control because of the crazy ideas of these people.”


Globalist Kindness Conspiracy

World Kindness Day, a yearly commemoration to highlight good deeds in local communities, and focus on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us, has been observed without incident since it was introduced in 1998. However, the president was taking no chances, and alerted the Navy to station its aircraft carriers in the Potomac in case the Army was overrun by like-minded optimists.

In response to the president’s order, the Pentagon said it was taking steps to ensure the situation would not get out of hand, and that the military would not be disarmed by Americans’ good intentions.
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