Flintstones Sue David Hockney For $90.3 Million Dollars

Flintstones Sue David Hockney For $90.3 Million Dollars


In a lawsuit filed this morning in federal district court, a factory worker has accused famed British artist David Hockney of plagiarism in the copying of a painting his wife made of him standing over a pool in his neighbor’s backyard.

The plaintiff, Fred Flintstone, alleges that the famous artist whose painting “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” sold at auction recently for 90 million dollars, had in fact stolen the idea from his wife’s creation.


Uncanny Likeness

Mr. Hockney, who has denied the allegations, did admit his painting bore some likeness to the Flintstone, but it was purely coincidence.

“I am familiar with the Flintstones,” Mr. Hockney said from his townhouse outside London, “but I have never seen this painting by Mrs. Flintstone – and even if I had, I would never stoop to copying another artist.”

“My painting captured a moment at a pool in France in 1972. And while it’s true that Mrs. Flintstone’s painting was painted several years earlier, there is no way I could have seen it, as it was hanging in the living room of their home in the town of Bedrock.”



Coincidence Unlikely

Art Historian Fletcher Maldives, an expert in art plagiary, was not convinced by Mr. Hockney’s denial. “Where do artists get their inspiration when the well has run dry? They turn to other artists,” he said.

“I’m not saying that David Hockney was hiding in the bushes outside the home of Mr. and Mrs. Flinstone, peering in at the artwork on their walls when they were busy tending to their small child, Pebbles. But I am also not blind. It only takes a cursory glance at the two works of art to understand that one came from the other.”


Lengthy Court Battle

Although the claim of ownership for the painting’s origin will be tied up in legal proceedings for years to come, Mr. Flinstone looks forward to his day in court. “My friend Barney was just saying the other day: Don’t count your bowling balls before they’re hatched. But that guy just sold his painting for 90 million simoleons. That’s an awful lot of bowling balls!”

A judge is expected to rule on the merits of the case sometime before the Water Buffalo Lodge’s Annual Gala Event.

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