Trump Campaign Reveals 2020 Slogan “Make America Great Again Again”

Trump Campaign Reveals 2020 Slogan “Make America Great Again Again”


Getting a head start on the 2020 presidential election season, and staking out what they hope will be another winning slogan, the president’s political strategists this week released a new theme line to serve as a catalyst for the 2020 campaign: Make America Great Again Again.

“While policy position statements and debates are important,” said Republican strategist and Trump campaign advisor Milton Fillmore, “the right slogan is crucial to communicating the core message of a candidate. It tells the voters what’s of vital importance to them, what they need to be focused on, and gives them the tools they need to make an informed decision about who will lead the nation.”

The Information Voters Need

According to the Mr. Fillmore, “Make America Great Again Again’ was chosen because it captures the essence of the Trump plan for the country, which he said is “to do the exact same thing he did last time.”

The new MAGAA slogan was chosen over several other options under consideration:

  • Make America Greater Again
  • Really Make America Great This Time
  • Make America Even Greater Than It Already Is
  • Make America Great Period End Of Story

The final decision came after months of careful study as well as input from the candidate himself.

“Ultimately focus groups gravitated toward “Make America Great Again Again” because it seemed familiar, yet different,” said Mr. Fillmore. “Also, it will be a lot cheaper to add an extra word onto the leftover hats from 2016 instead of coming up with something completely new.”

A message on the campaign website said the new hats will be available this spring wherever MAGAA merchandise is sold.
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