White Supremacist Draws The Line At Using Phrase “Steve King”

White Supremacist Draws The Line At Using Phrase “Steve King”


Though he’s committed to the struggle of the white race to rule the world, and hates all people of color wherever they may be, still white supremacist Gilton Crawley believes that there are some things a person should not say just out of common human decency.

“I used to use the term ‘Steve King’ all the time when I was younger,” said Mr. Crawley. “Smoking behind the school, shop-lifting at the mall… I’m not proud of it. But since then I’ve realized that saying things like that is just not OK.”

You’ll Have To Leave, Sir

Relating the story of how a woman berated him for using the Iowa congressman’s name outside a grocery store in Sioux City, Mr. Crowley said he now understands her anger.

“She called the manager outside and the guy made me leave the parking lot. At the time, I was really pissed off. But now I understand how offensive those two words are,” he said. “Yes, I’m for separating the races. Yes, I believe that whites are God’s chosen. But hey, I’m still a human being. I’m not an animal.”


Not In My House

Although Representative King has been elected eight times to the US congress, the use of his name strikes a nerve with Iowans, and most parents forbid their children to use it.

“I heard my niece saying it the other day,” said Loretta Byrnsine of Crump, a town near the Missouri border. “And I washed her mouth out so bad, she’ll never even think about it again. We just can’t have that kind of language in our household.”

Efforts to have his name removed from election ballots under the state obscenity law have so far been unsuccessful, although a court challenge is still pending.

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