Supportive First Lady Decides To “Go Back To Country She Came From”

Supportive First Lady Decides To “Go Back To Country She Came From”


Embracing an idea first floated by her mercurial husband, who implored several House Democrats to return to their country of origins, First Lady Melania Trump this week decided she would take the President up on his suggestion and will start the process of moving back to the city of Novo Mesto in her country of origin, Slovenia.

“Yeah, it’s time,” said the admired wife of President Donald Trump who has maintained a calm and stylish demeanor through two years of inflammatory statements and bizarre behavior on the part of her spouse. “I’m actually looking forward to getting back to a place that’s not completely bat-shit crazy.”


Economic and Cultural Center

Her home town, which recently erected a statue in the First Lady’s honor, has traditionally been a hub of music, literature, and visual arts.

“It’s on a beautiful river called the Krka,” said the wistful First Lady, “and is surrounded by some lovely vineyards. I emigrated to the US for a better life and am very grateful to my adopted homeland, but for me, this is probably a good time to return.”

As the First Lady’s staff made immediate plans to transport FLOTUS’ wardrobe and personal effects to her birthplace as soon as possible, White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham begged her to take her with her.

“I am truly sorry that I left you for this ridiculous job,” said Ms. Grisham to the First Lady. “This was all a terrible mistake. Please, for the love of God and all that is good, take me with you to Novo Mesto. I can’t stand another minute here.”

As of press time, FLOTUS reportedly was booking Ms. Grisham a seat on the same flight.
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