GOP Strategists Downplay Trump Rally Chant “No More Niggers”

GOP Strategists Downplay Trump Rally Chant “No More Niggers”


The denizens of K Street were working overtime this week as Republican strategists played damage control after a rousing chant of “no more niggers” broke out at a Trump rally in West Virgina.

“Obviously this was just some locker room talk that nobody meant any harm over,” said Graylon Edgecumbe, head of the conservative think tank Caput Inanis, saying that only a few people took part in the chant.

Many attendees at the rally who had come to see the 45th President speak, seemed bewildered by the chants that broke out around them. “I think the President is doing a fantastic job,” said Kareem Mushali who came to the US in 1985 from East Africa after the terrible famine of the preceding years. “But I am not sure why so many of his supporters were saying this. It is very hurtful.”

“What’s really disturbing is the socialist agenda of elected Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar who are trying to make Americans wear scarves on their heads without their consent,” continued Mr. Edgecombe, referring to the window in the corner of his office overlooking Pennsylvania avenue as he placed a foot on the sill. “That’s the real tragedy! Why aren’t you talking to them!”

While reporters on the scene failed to identify the source of the chanting, several Trump supporters expressed disgust at the idea. “Some of my best friends are black,” said one man who refused to give his name. “And while I question the circumstances that brought black people here to our shores, I would never use the N-word if I were to ask them to leave.”

“Which by the way I’m not doing right now,” he added.

Rallies for the President are scheduled to continue throughout 2019 and 2020. Check local listings for a time and place near you.
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