Jonathan Taylor Exits Tampa Stadium Runs Over Hurricane Dorian

Jonathan Taylor Exits Tampa Stadium Runs Over Hurricane Dorian

After scoring 4 touchdowns in a convincing victory over the South Florida Bulldogs Friday night, Wisconsin Badger Running Back Jonathan Taylor terrified onlookers after his final score when he ran out of the back of the end zone and directly into approaching Hurricane Dorian.

“He was not messing around,” said Lavarius Thompsen who had watched Taylor run past some seats near the stadium exit. “I’ve never seen anyone so worked up before – he looked like a train heading down a mountain with a jet pack on.”

The National Weather Service later reported that a red and white echo had appeared in the middle of the storm off the coast of the Bahamas and was creating a large disturbance.

“We aren’t sure exactly what this phenomena is on the radar,” said Lance Corbile of the National Oceanographic Institute, “but whatever it is, it’s having a serious impact on the storm’s ability to move upfield.”

While meteorologists are not sure of the outcome of the collision of Taylor and the massive weather system, they are recommending that the hurricane add at least two defensive backs and consider dropping back into coverage immediately.
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