Judge Confirms Defendant Happy With How Trial Being Handled

Judge Confirms Defendant Happy With How Trial Being Handled

In this week’s feel-good judicial story, a local judge today reached out to a defendant in an upcoming trial to make sure he was happy with how his trial was going to be conducted – and to see if he had any ideas for how to make it go more smoothly for him.

“I wanted to make sure that the evidence we were going to show at his trial was OK with him,” said the judge, motioning to an empty table. “It’s important that defendants be able to weigh in on what juries will be told, and what information should not be shared with them.”

“The wrong piece of evidence can get a defendant convicted,” the judge added. “So we make every effort to head that off before it becomes a problem.”

Hundreds Of Documents

Lawyers for the defendant had also reviewed the evidence for the trial and planned to instruct the judge to discard the majority of it. “Most of this evidence obviously is highly incriminating for our client – especially the witnesses,” said one of the defendant’s attorneys. “We’ve identified hundreds of documents already that will not be presented and expect to find hundreds more.”

“Like any American, our client is entitled to a trial of his choosing, free from facts that implicate him in a crime, and before a jury that will never convict him,” said the attorney.

“It’s part of what makes this country so great.”

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