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Red Lobster Announces New All-You-Buy Restaurant Equipment Auction

Following on the heels of their recent "all-you-can-eat" shrimp promotion, Red Lobster has announced an unprecedented "all-you-can-buy" restaurant equipment special, inviting customers to purchase...

Local Man Charged $47.32 In Fees To Sit On Jury Of Ticketmaster Antitrust Case

Local man John Stenens, a resident of Los Angeles, was surprised recently to find out that he was being charged $47.32 in fees for...

Local Man Resigned To Paying Wellness Fee Added To Price Of New Car

Local resident Wesley Dimsel was thrilled to find the new car of his dreams at a local dealership. However, as the final paperwork was...

Harrison Butker Offers To Speak At Holocaust Memorial Event

Sensing momentum after his recent successful speaking engagement at the commencement ceremonies for Benedictine University, Kansas City Chiefs Placekicker Harrison Butker on Thursday offered...

Netanyahu Touts Success At Creating Entire Nation Of People Who Want To Kill Israelis

NEW YORK - In a speech to the United Nations Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel declared victory in his plan to incite...

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