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Local Man Charged $47.32 In Fees To Sit On Jury Of Ticketmaster Antitrust Case

Local man John Stenens, a resident of Los Angeles, was surprised recently to find out that he was being charged $47.32 in fees for his participation as a juror in the high-profile antitrust case against Ticketmaster.

The case, which revolves around accusations that Ticketmaster has been monopolizing the ticket sales market, had been interviewing jury members when Stenens, a middle-aged software engineer, was informed of the charges.

“I thought I was just doing my civic duty,” he said as he reviewed the fine print on the bill. “But then they handed me this. I’m not really sure what these are even for – what’s a bailiff delivery fee?” he asked a court reporter who was on lunch break.

The fees, itemized as administrative costs and “jury processing” charges, will reportedly be deducted from Stevens’ reimbursement for serving on the jury.

As of press time, legal experts were advising Stenes that he only had 3 minutes and 25 seconds to complete purchase of his parking pass for the courthouse, and that he had better pay the convenience fee if he knew what was good for him.

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