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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Despite Test Results Doctor No Idea What Wrong With You


Despite running a battery of tests designed to uncover the cause of your symptoms and identify a treatment plan, your doctor this week reported he pretty much stymied as to what kind of issues you got.

The in-depth exam, which included MRIs, an EEG, an EKG and X-Rays, failed to yield any clues about your condition. “I don’t know what happening to you,” said your doctor, while thumbing thru the many pages of results. “You sick, but these tests inconclusive.”

The doctor, who works at a hospital nearby and was recommended by several friends, was also clicking with his mouse at the computer screen. “This not showing much either,” he said, as he looked at some images of your lungs. “These looking normal.”

As of press time, your doctor was advising you to have further tests out of an abundance of caution which you could receive downstairs, but told you not to worry as, in his opinion, “you probably alright.”

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