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Monthly Archives: March, 2024

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CIA Evacuates Al Pacino To Remote Island After Receiving Coded Message ‘Maria The Oppenheimer’

In a surprising turn of events following the 2024 Academy Awards, the CIA reportedly evacuated legendary actor Al Pacino to a remote island in...

AI Fires Missile Toward Russia After Hungry Officer Mistakenly Types In “Launch Order”

QUANTICO, VA - In a surprising development at CENTCOM Air Force Regional headquarters Tuesday, an AI bot launched a missile toward Russia after Senior Airman...

News Outlet Successfully Repurposes Trump Article From 4 Years Ago Without Changes

In a time-saving move that freed up a substantial portion of his day, journalist David Bleicher of the Daily Cutoff digital news magazine was...

Local Man Concerned Midjourney Girlfriend Seeing Other Subscribers

While scrubbing thru the latest images on a public discord server, local man Steve Grinscheld became concerned on Wednesday after seeing images of a...

Marketing Manager Unaware AI Spending $1 Million Per Minute Running Company’s Ad On Pinterest

Marketing Manager Kevin Milzigren of local skin care products company Skintastics, was blissfully unaware Friday as he aimlessly scrolled thru vacation options in Mexico...

Disney+ Announces New 14-Episode Series Focused On Origin Story Of Baby Greedo

HOLLYWOOD - In a bid to recapture the popularity of baby Yoda from the prequel series "The Mandalorian," Disney+ announced Tuesday it is moving into...

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