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News Outlet Successfully Repurposes Trump Article From 4 Years Ago Without Changes

In a time-saving move that freed up a substantial portion of his day, journalist David Bleicher of the Daily Cutoff digital news magazine was able to successfully re-post a news story on Former-President Donald Trump’s election campaign from four years ago without any changes or updates.

Bleicher expressed relief at not having to craft a new article, since he was responsible for finding a vacation rental in the Hamptons for a family re-union this summer and hadn’t made much progress.

“Knowing that Trump’s messaging remains virtually unchanged from four years ago, there was a strong likelihood I could lift large chunks of a piece we did on him for the 2020 election,” he remarked, “but even I was surprised the entire article summarizing his speech from September 27, 2019, worked verbatim for his speech last week.””

“It’s like déjà vu all over again,” he added.

While the former president’s vilification of immigrants, attacks on the press, denigration of women, and claims of persecution have been consistent for years, it is now proving to be a real time-saver for people tasked with covering his campaign.

“This has been a godsend for news organizations like ours,” said Bleicher’s editor, Tom Samgorf. “At a time when we journalists are constantly being asked to do more with fewer and fewer resources, the ability to re-publish articles simply by changing the dates on them will give us all a needed break.”

“There might be a word or two that doesn’t line up,” he said, “but luckily for us, it’s the same alphabet soup.”

As of press time, the news staff was reviewing old articles on Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert for potential re-use in an upcoming issue on how norms of civility aren’t really a thing any more.

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